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Journey of a Mumbai escorts up-till perfection

Hi, my name is my-rates.html, and I basically belong from Delhi. You must be speculating why I am inscription this story. Well, to be honest, writing was my passion since middle school and I love to write about my experiences. Two years back I moved to Mumbai from a small town in Southern part of India. Though, my town was having all the necessary things to make a living, but still there was something missing. I thought of pursuing my education in Mumbai because the level of education and the exposure was pretty good.

The main problem I mainly faced in Mumbai was the high rates of living. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that apart from my education I have a high sex drive. I am seriously very horny when it comes to watching x-rates movies, and it doesn’t matter what I do but I am never satisfied with something. I always tend to desire more and more.

Well, now most of the time I work as a Mumbai escorts, but still there are reasons behind that. I started working as a Mumbai escorts because I wanted some fun in my life. And in what profession you can earn while having some wild fun. So the basic reason was money and secondary reason was my own satisfaction.

For this profession to get started I thought of starting to work as an Independent escorts in Mumbai, but later I realized that getting involved with Mumbai escorts agency is a better idea. The best thing about being an escort is that you can definitely earn tons of money, and apart from that you can also satisfy men who are very good and joyful in nature but somewhere in this crowd, they just forgot the meaning of life, and how they are just wasting it.
They are normal working class people who spend most of their time working in front of a desk, but when they go back home to their spouse, they just don’t get the same level of satisfaction. I really enjoy seeing that they talk to me about their work, and how ambitious they are. They are very romantic people and they keep on complementing how my skin is ultra soft.

And after the Mumbai escorts services are over, they lie down on bed with satisfied soul. This is what I like the most of being an escort girl in Mumbai. I am not going to stop writing, and I am definitely not going to stop sharing my experiences. This is just an introduction about my services, but later I will be back with some major real life stories of call girls in Mumbai, which will dazzle your senses.

Ruhi Arora back with her encounters as Mumbai escort

So you must definitely remember me as the South Indian girl working in Mumbai escort agency and making a hell of a living. Well to be honest it has been sometime since I last wrote about myself. Well it was not my fault because I was having serious time issues, because I am growing. Yes you heard it right. I started working twice or thrice a week but later when people came to know that I am indeed one of the best Independent Mumbai escorts then my demand for services grew exponentially. I recently wrote about my experience with one of the clients who was die hard romantic and he knows how to treat a lady. There are times when I got stuck with some really rude men but that’s a part of Mumbai escorts job, but apart from that it was really a nice time with all my clients. Today I am going to narrate my recent interaction with a boy who just turned eighteen. He was really happy to celebrate his eighteenth birthday, but the problem was that he was single, and he was not having any experience with any women. So on his special day he wanted to get loose from this long term tension of being a virgin. So, he was searching for Mumbai escort agency services and he was also searching for escort girls in Mumbai.

On that particular day he contacted me through the agency and called me to fix an appointment. At first I thought that his voice is very mature and he must be at least twenty five years old. But to my instant surprise, he was just eighteen when I met him. He booked a suite in a fivestar hotel, and brought wine and a really very short satin night dress with him for me. He wanted to take my pictures while I wear this in front of him. He was really having many fantasises. Later while having dinner he told me that he never did this with any other women. Well, for me it was really a turn on, because working as Escorts in Mumbai service provider, I have only known people who are married or aged. But this guy was a virgin and I will always remain the first person of his life to have his virginity. I was excited and at the same time I was worried that he might not be good in bed because of his inexperience. But I knew that if I take it slow then he will definitely learn to treat women well, and at the same time he will grow to be a fine gentleman. Well, during the initial period of love making he was not sure how to start everything and he was nervous too, but later when he started making some hot moves, he really did it like a pro. He was unstoppable, and had lots of energy in him. After having me at least twice, he wanted to go for another one. Well generally Mumbai escorts don’t allow this, but as he was very cute I allowed it.

Out-call services – this is generally the services where the escort spends an entire night with you at your place. You can call them at your hotel room or you can just call her in your flat. Always make sure that hotel room should be having enough luxury to make her feel comfortable. Once you have enough time and money then you can relax with the escorts better. Mumbai escorts generally prefer the out-call services more than the in-call one.

So, if you are free and you want to spend some quality time with these escorts in Mumbai, then you must not wait any longer. These escorts are always ready to please you, and they are waiting for you to call them and book a session. So if you think that you are ready then don’t wait much longer. These escorts will make you feel special as they are the queen of night and they know how to satisfy a man.